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From the Wash to North Foreland
and Other Places

Private View Saturday 17th September 2005 noon - 5.00pm
Wine served - All Works for Sale
Exibition Finishes Sunday 9th October 2005

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"Thames Estuary Across to Tilbury" Oil and Pencil on Paper 62 x 76 cm

From the Wash to North Foreland and Other Places

I have noticed that the places that inspire me are those that are remote and about the 'edge' of things: cliffs, coasts, plateaus that rise up from the plains and estuaries that appear to be literally on the edge of the world. When my paintings or drawings are about places they are generally not topical representations of a particular landscape, they are about the 'idea' I have of that place, the 'idea' being part knowledge and observation, part intuition and part Imagination. The Highlands, the Western Isles, Orkney, the Shetlands and Cornwall have all recently been the subjects of this approach - äs have Mali, the Atlas mountains and Northwest India where the 'edge' is of landlocked escarpment and desert. These are the 'other places' in the exhibition.

For some years I have gradually been making my way around the British coast building up an archive of paintings and drawings inspired by the 31 areas defined in the Shipping Forecast . . . from Muckle Flugga and the Butt of Lewis to Lundy. This is the big unfinished project. But along with the Shipping forecast to which l am addicted for all that it suggests, there is the Inshore Waters Forecast - a gentler though no less romantic incantation of coastal place names and for this exhibition it seemed appropriate to focus on my home ground which indeed lies between the Wash and North Foreland.

In this context, London is the Thames and the Thames Estuary; Suffolk is the coast and my local river. Here I am most at ease in a place that has had a magnetic hold over me since childhood, inviting moods that are sometimes exalted, sometimes elegiac or nostalgic, but always richly suggestive. From its navigable source, 'my' river winds eastward between muddy banks and reeds, bears south at Aldeburgh and flows a further ten miles alongside the North Sea but separated from it by a narrow spit of shingle. It flows past Orford and the smudged outlines of the wartime buildings at Orford Ness till at last it swirls into the sea over the treacherous shingle banks that shift and move in the Winter gales. Navigating through these and into the sea, leaving the Orford Haven Buoy to port and heading down toward Felixstowe past the four Martello towers that stand sentinel on this deserted and crumbling coast, then steering gingerly between the red and green buoys that mark the entrance to the River Deben is always an adventure.

Only a hundred miles from London it can feel like a thousand. I get my kicks out of the River and the Sea, out of cliff edges and desolate country and the various punctuation marks along the way that are the signs of human Intervention.

Caroline McAdam Clark

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"End of Summer" Oil and Pencil on Board 102 x 96 cm
"Silent River, Winter" Oil and Pencil on Paper and Canvas 41 x 41 cm
"Orford Ness" Oil and Pencil on Paper to Canvas 30 x 30 cm



Caroline McAdam Clark was born in London of French-Scottish extraction. Since graduating from Edinburgh College of Art and Edinburgh University in 1970 she has consistently pursued a career äs a painter. Over the years, she has also worked äs book Illustrator, printmaker and muralist, was an occasional visiting lecturer at the University of East London, has written for a variety of art publications and taught History of Art in a London day school. She recently co-authored a book with her husband on the History and Art of the Frame. Currently engaged in a project making video-portraits of a number of 'senior' women painters. She lives and works in London and in Suffolk. She has work, including several mural paintings and furniture she has designed and decorated, in a number of private collections in England, France and the United States of America äs well äs several paintings in the collection of the West Deutsches Landesbank.
Aldeburgh Festival
Paris, privately sponsored
Limited Editions Gallery, Chelsea, London
Piers Feetham Gallery, Fulham Road, London
Patrick Seale and Sally Hunter Gallery, Motcomb Street, London
Aldeburgh Foundation Commission for a one-man exhibition at the Snape Maltings Concert Hall/Marland Gallery
Marina Henderson Gallery, Chelsea, London
Paris, privately sponsored
Sue Rankin Gallery, Notting Hill, London
Borne Kunststiftung, Borne, Netherlands (State supported exhibition)
Thackeray Gallery, Kensington, London
Thackeray Gallery, London
Piers Feetham Gallery, London; Drawings
Thackeray Gallery, London
Thackeray Gallery
Chappel Galleries, Essex
Thackeray Gallery, London Barnes Gallery, London Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh Guardian 'Art for Sale' Exhibition
Easton Rooms, Rye Gallery, Sussex Barnes Gallery, London Aldeburgh 100; East Anglian Artists, Aldeburgh Foundation
Lamont Gallery, London
Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh
Easton Rooms, Rye Gallery, Sussex
New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham, Surrey
Chelsea Arts Club, London
Highgate Fine Art, joint exhibition with Jean Cooke RA
Yew Tree Gallery, Slad, Glos Lena Boyle Fine Art, London
Olympia Art Fair ( Lena Boyle Fine Art)
Art on Paper Fair, Royal College of Art ( Lena Boyle)
'Drawings for All 2000' Competition and Touring Exhibition, Gainsborough's House, Sudbury
ART 2001 Business Design Centre/Thackeray Gallery
Art on Paper/Lena Boyle Fine Art
Glasgow Art Fair/Bristol Art Fair with Byard Gallery (Camb.)
Art on Paper/Lena Boyle Fine Art
London Art Fair/Duke of York/Lena Boyle Fine Art
Hunting Art Prizes Competition/Royal College of Art
Oliver Contemporary, London; Thackeray Gallery; Aldeburgh Proms, Snape Maltings
Hunting Art Prizes Competition, RCA, London 2005 Royal British Artists/Mall Galleries, London


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