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Journey Through Landscape & Myth

Private View Saturday 2nd April 2005 noon - 5.00pm
Wine served - All Works for Sale
Exibition Finishes Sunday 24th April 2005

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The Lesson of the Master

Manic emptiness - the dissociation of sensibility, an omnipotent and excessive defence
against the anxiety of influence, novelty for novelty's sake, sensation for the sake of sensation - has dominated the British art world, under its sharp-suited and short-sighted apparatchiks (Nicholas Serota of the Tate and the Saatchi brothers) for far too long. In a "scene" such as this, the fable of the Emperor's New Clothes has been forgotten and an unmade bed is mistaken for a painting or sculpture of an unmade bed. (I know she was supposedly "making a statement"; but police officers or criminals can do that rather better.) In this infantalised and unseemly context a genuine artist such as Jamie Boyd who, in the lineage of illustrious predecessors - whether Giorgione, Rembrandt, Manet or Kokoschka ­still manages to be a magnificent craftsman, colourist and see-er, is especially valuable.

And because of ineluctable swings of the pendulum there is reason to suppose, and certainly to hope (where there's death there's hope), that in the fullness of time his patient, painstaking, unshowy, exhilarating visions, whether here of Narcissus and Echo, of Suffolk landscape, or of Australian landscape worked on and completed in Suffolk, will eventually prevail over work by his less gifted, more exhibitionistic contemporaries.

Moreover, there is an additional reason why we should pay attention to his work here at the Chappel Galleries: Jamie Boyd has been working in this area of England for thirty years and, although international in his stature - with roots in Australia, Italy and London as well as in Ramsholt - probably every landscape he does, whether the originating impulse comes from an Australian river, an observation in Tuscany or something mythological, is touched by the light and atmospherics of the River Deben. (In this exhibition two of the paintings I like best are actually of the Deben: a sunset and a stormy sky.) If Turner were alive today and could award his own Prize (the Prize that currently takes his name in vain) I am sure
that he would give it to Jamie Boyd; and that Constable too would be glad to be in and of his company: that of an artist who in the face of an art world which has become a branch of the fashion industry keeps alive the traditional role of painting, which is not to viciously shock (any fool can do that) but to show with a jolt, to open our eyes to the fullness of reality.

James Greene

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