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The Life of Christ - Ninety One Etchings

Private View Saturday 1st December 2007 noon - 5.00pm
Wine served - All Works for Sale
Exibition Finishes Sunday 24th December 2007

Where enquiries of prices are made on the gallery, the work is subject to availability and the price to change.

The Annunciation

Francis Hoyland made twelve complete editions of these etchings and three proofs of each, some of which were early states. The measurement of each etching is 39.3x56cms (height by width). We are able to offer as follows:

A limited number of proofs of each etching: £380 each unframed

Two complete editions of 91 etchings: £21,750 unframed


1: Zacharius Rebuked by Gabriel:
Poem: Luke 1: 5-25

2: The Annunciation:
Luke 1: 26-38

3: The Visitation:
Luke 1: 39-56

4: The Naming of St John:
Luke 1: 57-80

5: The Annunciation to the Shepherds:
Luke 2: 8-20

6: The Adoration of the Three Wise Men:
Matthew 2: 13-28

7: The Presentation in the Temple:
Luke 2: 41-50

8: The Flight into Egypt

9: The Massacre of the Innocents

10: The Finding of Jesus in the Temple:
Luke 2: 41-50

11: The Preaching of Saint John the Baptist:
Matthew3: 1-12, Mark 1: 1-8, Luke 3: 1-20

12: The Baptism:
Matthew 3: 13-17,Mark 1: 9-11,Luke 3:21-22

13: The Temptation in the Wilderness:
Matthew 4:11-11,Mark 1:12-13,Luke 4:1-13

14: The Marriage at Cana:
John 2: 1-11

15: The Conversation with Nicodemus:
John 2:23-3:21

16: The Woman of Samaria:
John 4: 4-26

17: The Healing of the Nobleman’s Son:
John 4: 46-5

18: Rejection at Nazareth:
Luke 4: 16-30

19: The Miraculous Draught of Fishes:
Luke 5: 1-11

20: The Evening Healing:
Luke 4: 40-41

21: The Paralytic Lowered Before Christ:
Matthew 9:2-8,Mark 2:1-12, Luke 5:17-26

22: The Calling of Matthew:
Matthew 9:9-13,Mark 2:13-17,Luke 5:27-32

23: The Pool of Bethsada:
John 5

24: The Confrontation with the Pharisees over the Disciples Eating Grain on the Sabbath:
Matthew 12:1-8,Mark 2:23-28,Luke6:1-5

25: The Healing of the Man with the Withered Hand:
Matthew 12:9-14,Mark 3:1-6,Luke6: 6-11

26: The Choosing of the Twelve:
Matthew 10:2-4,Mark 3:13-19,Luke6:12-19

27: The Sermon on the Mount:
Matthew 5

28: The Centurion’s Servant:
Luke 7: 1-10

29: The Raising of the Widow’s Son at Nain:
Luke 7: 11-17

30: The Anointing of Jesus in the House of Simon the Pharisee:
Luke 7: 36-50

31: The Healing of the Dumb Man and the Defiance of the Pharisees:
Matthew 12: 22-45,Mark 3:20-30,Luke11:14-23

32: The Parables by the Sea:

33: The Stilling of the Tempest:
Matthew 8:23-27,Mark4:35-41,Luke8:22-25

34: The Woman with the Issue of Blood:
Matthew 9:18-26,Mark5:21-43,Luke8:40-56

35: The Raising of Jairus’s Daughter:
Matthew 9:18-26,Mark5:21-43,Luke8:40-56

36: The Healing of the Two Blind Men:
Matthew 9: 27-31

37: The Mission of the Twelve:
Matthew 9:36-11:1,Mark6:7-13,Luke9:1-6

38: The Feeding of the Five Thousand:
Matthew 14:13-23,Mark6:30-40,Luke9:10-17
John 6:1-15

39: Jesus Rescues Saint Peter:
Matthew 14:24-26,Mark6:47-56,John6:16-21

40: The Syrophoenician Woman’s Daughter:
Matthew 15: 21-28, Mark 7: 24-30

41: The Healing of the Dumb Man:
Mark 7: 32-37

42: The Pharisees and Sadducees Demand a Sign:
Matthew 13:34-16:12, Mark 8: 10-21

43: The Confession of Saint Peter:
Matthew 16:13-20,Mark6:27-30,Luke9:18-21

44: Saint Peter Rebuked:
Matthew 16:21-28,Mark8:31-9:1,Luke9:22-27

45: The Transfiguration:
Matthew 17:14-20,Mark9:2-13,Luke9:28-36

46: The Demonic Boy:
Matthew 17:14-20,Mark9:14-29,Luke9:37-43

47: The Shekel in the Fish’s Mouth:
Metthew 17: 24-27

48: The Discourse on Humility:
Matthew 18:, Mark9:33-50, Luke9:46-50

49: The Woman Taken in Adultery:
John 7: 5 3- 8:11

50: Before Abraham Was….:
John 8: 31-59

51: James and John Rebuked:
Luke 9: 54-56

52: The Return of the Seventy:
Luke 10: 17-22

53: The Visit to Martha and Mary:
Luke 10: 38-42

54: The Healing of the Man Born Blind:
John 9

55: Christ Rejected at the Feast of Dedication:
John 10: 22-42

56: Christ Rebuking the Lawyer in the House of the Pharisee:
Luke 11: 37-54

57: The Woman Healed on the Sabbath:
Luke 13: 10.21

58: A Man with Dropsy:
Luke 14: 1-24

59: The Raising of Lazarus:
John 11: 1-46

60: The Ten Lepers:
Luke 17: 11-19

61: The Departure of the Rich Young Ruler:
Matthew 19:16-20,Mark10:17-31,Luke18:18-30

62: Christ Foretells his Crucifixion:
Matthew 20:17-19,Mark10:32-34,Luke18:31-34

63: The Ambitious Mother of James and John:
Matthew 20: 20-28, Mark 10: 35-45

64: Blind Bartimaeus:
Matthew 20: 29-34

65: Zacchaeus:
Luke 19: 1-10

66: Jesus Annointed by Mary at Bethany:
Matthew 26:6-13,Mark14:3-9,John11:55-12:11

67: The Triumphant Entry:
Matthew 21:1-11,Mark11:1-11,Luke19:29-44,John12:12-19

68: The Cursing of the Fig Tree:
Matthew 21:18-22,Mark 11:12-14 and 20-25

69: The Cleansing of the Temple:
Matthew 21:12-17,Mark11:15-19,Luke19:45-48

70: The Widow’s Mite:
Mark 12: 41-44, Luke 20: 45-47

71: Christ Foretells the Destruction of Jerulalem:
Matthew 24 and 25, Mark 13, Luke 21:5-38

72: The Washing of the Disciples Feet:
John 13: 1-17

73: The Eucharist:
Matthew 26:26-30,Mark14:22-26,Luke22:19-20

74: The Agony in the Garden:

75: The Betrayal:
Matthew 26:47-56,Mark14:43-52,Luke22:41-53,John18:1-11

76: Peter’s Denial:
Matthew 26:69-75,Mark14:66-72,Luke22:54-71,John18:12-27

77: The Trial Before the Council of the Jews:
Matthew 26:57 –27:10,Mark14:53-72,Luke22:54-71,John18:12-27

78: The Trial Before Pilate:
Matthew 17:11-31,Mark13:1-20,Luke23:1-25,John18:28 – 19:15

79: The Trial Before Herod:
Luke 23: 5-12

80: The Scourging of Christ:
Matthew 27:26, Mark 15:13, John 19:1

81: Christ Mocked by the Soldiers:
Mark 13: 16-20, John 19: 1-3

82: The Crowd Call for Barabbas:
Matthew 27:15-27,Mark15:6-11,Luke23:18-19,John18:39-40

83 :The Road to Calvary:
Matthew 22:32-33,Mark15:20-22,Luke23:26-33,John19:16-17

84: The Crucifixion:
Matthew 27:33-56,Mark15:21-41,Luke23:26-49,John19:16-37

85: The Deposition:
Matthew 27:57-61,Mark15:42-47,Luke23:50-56,John19:38-42

86: The Resurrection:
John 20: 1-18

87: The Journey to Emmaus:
Mark 16: 12-13, Luke 24: 13-25

88: The Supper at Emmaus:
Luke 24: 28-35

89: The Appearance to Thomas:
John 20: 19-31

90: ‘Feed My Sheep’:
John 21

91: The Ascension:
Mark 16: 19-20, Luke 24: 44-53


These prints were originally commissioned by Aimee and Monroe Price, a well known American art historian and her lawyer husband. They enabled me to buy a press and to stock up with plates and other printmaking paraphernalia. They possess three complete editions of the ninety one prints. One complete edition is in the Print Room at the British Museum where a selection from it was exhibited. The complete framed edition has been exhibited twice, in Southwell Minster and the North Light Gallery, Huddersfield.

On receiving the prints into the British Museum’s Print Room Anthony Griffiths, Head of Prints and Drawings wrote. “It is a most extraordinary and impressive achievement and we are very glad to have it in the department as one of the major monuments of British print making in recent times”.

While I was working on the prints I composed a poem called “From Two Lives”. Each print had a religiously inspired meditation on the subject and an account of something that had recently happened to me. In this way I hoped to show some relation between interior meditation and everyday events.

I made twelve complete editions of these prints and three proofs of each, some of which were really early states. I now have three complete editions left and available, one of which is framed and in part on show in this exhibition as well as many proofs which are also available.

Francis Hoyland (2007)


born Selly Oak, Birmingham
Studied Camberwell School of Art
Slade School of Fine Art
Abby Minor Scholarship to Italy
Married the artist Philippa Hoyland in 1953 and has two children, both of whom are musicians and one of whom is also a much exhibited painter and who, in turn, is married to another painter.




Royal West of England Academy
Gallery de Seine
‘Looking Forward’ South London Art Gallery

Beaux Arts Gallery

Camden Arts Centre Survey
‘From Life’ Camden Arts Centre
Retrospective, South London Art Gallery
(Jan) Southwark Cathedral, 90 Diptychs of the Life of Christ
(Jun) Chichester Cathedral, 90 Diptychs of the Life of Christ
‘The Forgotten Fifties’ Camden Arts Centre

University of Surrey


Diploma Gallery of Royal Academy of Art, Oxford Bible Exhibition (Illustrated Oxford Old Testament)
Old Testament Drawings

‘Drawings of People’ Serpentine Gallery, Arts Council. (Prize-winner)
‘Past and Present’ Contemporary artists drawing from the Masters (also wrote main essay in catalogue)

Convent of St Francesca Cabrini, Honor Oak. 14 pictures on the life of St Francesca Cabrini

Manchester Art Gallery and touring
Sweet Waters Gallery, drawings

Southwark Cathedral, London
90 religious diptyches, tempera on paper (now in the collection of Aimee and Monroe Price)


‘Images of Christ’ Northampton Museum and Art Gallery and St Paul’s Cathedral


“Stations of the Cross” for St. John the Baptist P.C., Needham Market
Exhibition and Seminar, University of Cambridge, Faculty of Divinity, Ridley Hall

(2) 91 Prints on the ‘Life of Christ', Southwell Minster
Chappel Galleries, Essex. Solo Show The Suffolk Landscapes

British Museum selection of 91 etchings “The Life of Christ”
North Light Gallery, Huddersfield 91 etchings “The Life of Christ”


St Stephen’s Church, Gloucester Road, London
Chappel Galleries, Essex “The Life of Christ” etchings




Radio talks, ‘Painting of the Month’
Series of talks with Brian Robb on Florence

Interview on ‘Kaleidoscope’ Pick of the Week




‘The Art Game’ BBC
‘The Painters Response’ series of 5 programmes for 6th forms. BBC
‘Canvas’ BBC2
Series of talks for ITV

‘Rembrandt’ BBC2


Interview on ‘Stations of the Cross’ at St. John the Baptist, Needham Market, ITV and Anglia TV




Royal West of England Art School
Senior Lecturer at Camberwell School of Art

Course Director Fine Art Camberwell School of Arts

Cardinal Wiseman Catholic Comprehensive School (part-time)
Prince’s Foundation – Shoreditch

Works in numerous public and private collections.

During the last five years I have made many drawings and paintings, both in gouache and acrylic. Maybe I have been attempting to integrate the demands of intellect and feeling.

At the back of my mind there has always been the hope that I could paint large pictures – like those I saw in Italy that tell stories and decorate churches – recently I have been producing them.

For a brief moment I saw seven of these large paintings in a beautiful church during the St Stephen’s festival. Only for a moment, but a thousand years is also a ‘moment’. “And now under circumstances that seem unpropitious” ….. we carry on.

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