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Aves Exotica

Private View Saturday 26th April 2008 noon - 5.00pm
Wine served - All Works for Sale
Exibition Finishes Sunday 18th May 2008

Where enquiries of prices are made on the gallery, the work is subject to availability and the price to change.

Green Winged Macaw, oil on board 44 x 31cm


Great Horned Owl North America
28x28 £275


David Ord Kerr has a reputation as one of the finest bird painters in this country, particularly of exotic birds. His ability to combine accuracy with wonderful vibrant colours makes his subjects come really alive. He has a great following of collectors.

David was educated at Hertford Grammar School where he concentrated on zoology, botany and painting. He has always been interested in natural history, particularly in birds and reptiles. For a period he was employed as a gamekeeper, and then at a small private zoo, before he adopted painting as a full-time career.

He worked as a painter until 1978 when, as a member of an expedition to the Amazon, he worked as the expedition artist producing drawings of fishes for the British Museum and plant drawings to assist with a monkey breeding project at Chester Zoo.

It was not until he returned to England that he completed a foundation course at the Hertfordshire College of Art and Design, followed by a three-year course at the Royal Academy Schools under Peter Greenham RA with Roderic Barrett as his personal tutor, where he won prizes both for anatomy drawing and landscape painting.

David is active in seeking reference material for his work and has recently travelled to the Kalahari and revisited the Amazon, being one of the very few people privileged to stay with the Yanomami people. He plans a trip to the Borneo jungle in the near future.

David now works across a wide range of subjects. He has also undertaken a series of thirty paintings of birds and animals native to a particular Middle East country which will form part of an extensive Royal collection. He now lives, and has his own studio, in Norfolk.

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