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Władysław Mirecki at Chappel Galleries Solo Exhibition
3rd – 25th November 2012 – with new work. Click for details...

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Current Works Available by Władysław Mirecki at Chappel Galleries

Where enquiries of prices are made on the gallery, the work is subject to availability and the price to change.

Holme Valley, Yorkshire, watercolour, 2011, 100 x 150 cms, £8,500.
This painting was exhibited March-April 2012: Lynn Painter-Stainers Exhibition Mall Galleries, London;
W.H. Patterson Gallery - Exhibition Albermarle Street, City of Westminster, London.

Ice Cream, Robin Hood's Bay
Watercolour, 2012
75 x 55 cms

View from Larpool Viaduct towards Whitby
Watercolour, 2012
60 x 90 cms

Whitby Bay
Watercolour, 2012
40 x 120 cms

Larpool Viaduct
Watercolour, 2011
40 x 55 cms

Blasted Trunk
Watercolour, 2011
75 x 50 cms

Fallen Leaves
Watercolour, 2011
90 x 78 cms

Bluebells in Chalkney Wood
Watercolour, 2011
80 x 120 cms

Colne Valley III
Watercolour, 2011
50 x 150 cms

Coppiced wood
Watercolour, 2011
90 x 45 cms

Tree horizon
Watercolour, 2011
26 x 52 cms

Abbey Ruins, Whitby
Watercolour, 2011
80 x 56 cms

Fallen tree
Watercolour, 2011
60 x 80 cms

Southend on Sea, Summer
Watercolour, 2010
72 x 52 cms

Ploughed Field with Viaduct
Watercolour, 2010
54 x 75 cms

Dawn at Luxor
Watercolour, 2010
36 x 88 cms

Rough Sea, Frinton
Watercolour, 2010
30 x 45 cms

Station Road, Wakes Colne
Watercolour, 2010
38 x 88 cms

Black Cattle
Watercolour, 2010
39 x 54 cms

Lunch time at the Mermaid Cafe
Watercolour, 2010
71 x 120 cms

Bridge at Dunwich II
Watercolour, 2010
54 x 54 cms

Winter Avenue
Watercolour, 2010
75 x 50 cms

Landscape beyond the Hedge
Watercolour, 2010
75 x 50 cms

Beach Hut Areas under Surveillance
Watercolour, 2009
91 x 150 cms

Country Lane, Winter
Watercolour, 2009
50 x 75 cms

Millennium Green, Autumn
Watercolour, 2009
80 x 80 cms

New Fencing II
Watercolour, 2009
39 x 60 cms

Lane Road, Wakes Colne
Watercolour, 2008
100 x 130 cms

Country Lane with Cornfield
Watercolour, 2008
60 x 40 cms

Cold and Damp, Chappel
Watercolour, 2008
83 x 99 cms

The Culvert
Watercolour, 2008
150 x 90 cms

Walton on the Naze, Cliffs
Watercolour, 2007
50 x 135 cms

Early Autumn, Chappel Viaduct
Watercolour 2007
125 x 150 cms

Qixia Monastery
Watercolour, 2006
90 x 120 cms

Colne Valley
Watercolour, 2005
50 x 75 cms

Viaduct and Telegraph Pole
Watercolour, 2005
75 x 94.5 cms

Frinton, Summer
Watercolour, 2005
50 x 75 cms

The Bottom of My Garden
Watercolour, 2004
150 x 150 cms

A Pond in the Woods
Watercolour, 2004
113 x 83 cms

Country Track, Little Cornard
watercolour, 1998
53 x 64 cms

Stour Valley and Plylon
Watercolour, 1998
50 x 70 cms

The Colne Mill from Chalkney Mill
Watercolour, 1997
51 x 51 cms

Viaduct and Blossom
Watercolour, 1996
73 x 49 cms


There is a large watercolour in this exhibition that is not a typical example of Władysław Mirecki's work Lunchtime at the Mermaid Cafe departs from his usual rural subject matter to concentrate on crowded humanity. The landscape element is reduced to a strip of sea glimpsed over the heads of lunching holidaymakers. But the intense observation of detail here is entirely typical the instantly recognisable, slightly precious gesture of the waiter pouring wine tells its own story of character and situation. The perspective of red awnings creates a dynamic rhythm that recurs in many other watercolours, though we more often encounter it as a receding stretch of shore beside sullen breakers or a winter hedgerow plunging deep into the picture space.

Another seaside subject, Southend on Sea, Summer, shows two people sitting in folding chairs with their backs to us, reading, with the view across the estuary beyond. Their individual personalities are vividly caught with a bare minimum of description. The vista behind them is ravishing; in the foreground is a surprisingly (but, we quickly learn, characteristically) broad and undramatic strip of sand and stones.

Mirecki gravitates naturally to the details of the countryside, to an expanse of dry bracken on a grey winter day, a slope of lush unmown grass, a cluster of bluebells in a spring wood. Quite often there is a road, with markings and traffic signs. If he can introduce a double yellow line that most artists would edit firmly out of a rustic scene, he will include it - and a speed limit sign into the bargain, if one is there. This is how we see the countryside now, whether we like it or not: Mirecki paints with such gentle persuasiveness that we accept the anomalies as part and parcel of a benign world.

This insistence on the banal and the modern as unavoidable intruders into our appreciation of nature is a hallmark of his work. It undercuts the often lyrical beauty of his subjects, but never to the point of constituting a modernist 'irony': Mirecki is too subtle for such tricks One of the wittiest instances of this in the current show is an evocative nocturne, Oak Road Nocturne whose subject is a single telegraph wire spanning a country road under a full moon. The glitter of moonlight on the wet tarmac, the deep shadows, the luminous sky, form a frame for this mundane detail, transforming it into a potent pictorial element, like a line of music in the darkness.

Like many East Anglian painters, he is deeply attached to his home, 'rooted in one dear perpetual place' as Yeats put it. The great railway viaduct almost outside his door at Chappel, on the Essex-Suffolk border, recurs like a leitmotif in many subjects, and although he evidently relishes the elegant rhythm of the long arcade as it strides across the fields, we can guess that he also enjoys the presence of a stark  industrial reminder in the country setting. The viaduct recurs in a panorama of Station Road, Wakes Co/ne, where it provides counterpoint to a line of very ordinary suburban houses and a web of telegraph wires, determinedly mundane elements that Mirecki builds with unforced assurance into a lyrical ode to everyday England.

His almost obsessive enquiry into the detail of things may seem like a recurrence to the nineteenth century, but his concern with jarring signs of local officialdom, like his preference for large formats, is entirely of the present day, and conveys a muscularity of response that pervades every aspect of his work. That he can translate ideas we associate with the minute and miniature on to huge sheets of paper, and retain a touching sense of intimacy while making large-scale and assertive statements is an impressive achievement.
Andrew Wilton
Visiting Research Fellow, Tate Britain. Formerly Keeper of the British Collection, Tate Gallery.

This introduction was written for the Piers Feetham Gallery exhibition 1-24 March 2012


1956 Born Chelmsford, Essex of Polish parentage.
He is self-taught, having painted all his life including his periods gaining his science degree, as an industrial designer and co-proprietor of Chappel Galleries (1986 - March 2010).

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