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Private View Saturday 3rd February 2001 noon - 5.00pm
Wine served - All Works for Sale
Exibition Finishes Saturday 24th February 2001

Where enquiries of prices are made on the gallery, the work is subject to availability and the price to change.

"Two Daughters" - Acrylic on Canvas 61 x 122 cms


A famous professor of architecture at the Glasgow School of Art once said, "Only architects can appreciate the humour in architecture". In Ron Sims' paintings the sense of humour is, on one level at least, no less esoteric, but surely on other levels we can all enjoy the delicious sense of humour going on here? How does George Stubbs, 16th.C. Dutch Interiors, life-drawing at the Royal Academy Schools, Walt Disney, butterflies, hippos and cowboys all come together and make sense? These paintings are both abstract and representational at the same time; and this gives the clue to Sims' eclectic and sometimes abstruse, hard-edge style.
Visual ambiguity allows a complicated game of association to take place.

The forms develop their meaning as the eye moves across the picture plan, in and out of representation and in and out of an architectural space, that creates a formal visual pleasure and a catalogue of innuendo and art historical in-jokes. This is fanciful visionary painting; Modernist in allegiance, Constructivist and Cubist in inspiration. He embraces these traditions for their importance in the development of the visual creative process. It is not suprising that Sims admires the work of Georges Vantongerloo, a Belgian Cubist sculptor prominent at the beginning of the twentieth century, and Frank Gehry, the architect of the Guggenheim Museum of Modern Art in Bilbao at the beginning of the twenty first.

Earlier, in Ron Sims' art school training, chats and meetings in studios with 60's Pop-Art icons Peter Blake, Eduardo Paollozzi, and Allen Jones, helped to fashion ideals and strategies in his paintings. In America, the hard-edge artists, like Stella, Newman, and Ellsworth Kelly were coming to the fore. The presence of East Anglian artists like John Nash, Edward Bawden, and Humphrey Spender, also contributed and shaped the beginning of Sims' very tonal, hard-edge style.

The architectural space (albeit as a pictorial illusion) that he creates, is enhanced by his choice of acrylic paint; it allows for the continual overpainting and fine adjustments of line, shape, edge, and tonal colour.
The acrylic polychrome forms, which sometimes protrude forward of the picture plane, manipulate soft imagery into rigid block representations. These forms suggest that his architectural fantasies are, in contrast, constructed from the familiar building materials of steel, stone, or painted aluminium.

In Ron Sims' work, contraditions of surface and form, ambiguities of pictorial space, visual puns, literal associations, and historical cross referencing, allow "Mickey Mouse with Hands in Pockets" to sit quite naturally alongside "Multi-Storey Bird Auto Park". There is a sophisticated visual language on show here, not just for painters and connoisseurs, but for architects too!

Barry Atherton
Charles Rennie Mackintosh Building
Glasgow School of Art



Colchester School of Art (4 year course to N.D.D.) 3 large PopArt panels commissioned by Essex Churches at Essex Show
Manchester College of Art (speciaI1yr. Post-Grad.). 18'x4' Mural for Ancoats C. of E. School. 3 Altar paintings for Russian Catholic Church in Manchester.
Royal Academy Schools (3 yr. Post-Grad, Course, proposed by Edward Bawden and John Nash). 'Pictures for Schools' at the Royal Academy
Hayward Gallery (prize winner, sponsored by G.L.C.). Painting in G.L.c. collection.

Gloucester College of Art (one year Teaching Fellowship).
Cheltenham College of Art (one-man). Portsmouth College of Education Collection. "Younger Generation" travelling exhibition (British Federation of Artists). Reproduction in Connoisseur Magazine, and prize.


Young Contemporaries (at the Royal Academy).

Royal Academy Summer Show (2 paintings).
Royal Academy Summer Show (3 paintings). Royal Academy Illustrated. Country Life Magazine Reproduction. Minories Art Gallery, Colchester (one-man). *Colchester Art Society, Minories (mixed). Displayed work in Diploma Galleries at R.A. for the Redfern Gallery. Sold 14 large paintings to a collector. Colchester School of Art Collection (1 painting).

Royal Academy Summer Show (3 paintings).

Royal Academy Summer Show (3 paintings). Haste Gallery, Ipswich (one-man). Anglia Television 'Focus' slot with Jane Probyn (bought 3 paintings).
Chelmsford and Essex Museum (one-man). Kaleidoscope Gallery, London (mixed). Work study film John Peregrine.
Axis Gallery, Brighton (one-man). Chelmsford and Essex Museum (mixed).
Corn Exchange, Saffron Walden (one-man), proposed by Edward Bawden.
East Anglian Artists, Ipswich (invited mixed).

Gainsborough's House, Sudbury (one-man). *Artists in Essex, Epping Forest District Museum (mixed).


Chelmsford and Essex Museum (one-man). 'Past Royal Academy Students', Maddermarket Theatre Norwich (invited mixed).

*'Essex Open', Beecroft Art Gallery, Westcliffe-on-Sea (mixed).

Digby Gallery, Mercury Theatre, Colchester (sponsored by Beecroft Art Gallery (one-man). 'Christmas Exhibition', Chappel Galleries (invited mixed).

Digby Gallery, Mercury Theatre, Colchester (one-man). Quay Theatre Gallery, Sudbury (mixed). B.B.C. TV. 'Look East' Events Diary slot.
Beecroft Art Gallery, (one-man). Chappel Galleries (C.A.S. Retrospective, 50yrs. invited mixed). Minories Gallery, Colchester, (50th Anniversary C.A.S. mixed).

Fellowship Exhibition, Gloucestershire College of Art, Axiom Gallery, Cheltenham (invited mixed).


Reynolds Club, Royal Academy Schools (invited mixed). 'Studio in a Square', Firstsite Minories, Colchester. BBC Radio Essex Interview.


Royal Academy Summer Show (2 paintings). 'On the Shelf', Firstsite Minories, Colchester.

Mixed exhibitions: Eastern Open Postcards, Kings Lynn. "Artists in Essex", Epping Forest District Museum (sculpture). "Inka's Summer Extravaganza", Royal Academy Summer Show Artists,.
Wiltshire. "Kids Konnect", Buckhurst Hill, Epping (4 paintings sold to a North London Gallery). "Outdoor Sculpture at Briarwood", Dovercourt, Harwich (2 sculptures). c.A.S. at Firstsite, Minories, Colchester (2 paintings, 1 sculpture). "Essex Open", Beecroft Gallery, Westcliff-on-Sea (1 painting, 1 print). Travelling Print Exhibition from Gainsborough's House Print Workshop; - at Rooksmoor Gallery, Bath; and Pond Gallery, Snape, Aldeburgh (3 prints). Dec-Jan. "01 Gainsborough's House, Sudbury (prints). Essex County Standard (free-lance art reporter). Family Workshop Sculpture at Firstsite, Minories Art Gallery, Colchester. Solo exhibition at the Windmill Hotel, Gt. Waltham.
Chappel Galleries (solo exhibition).


Interest continues in the 1920's De Stijl movement, and American 1960's Hard-Edge art style.
Royal Academy Schools Student Alumni (ex students) committee member.
C.A.S. selector and committee member.
Adult Lecturer at Braintree Community Centre (part-time).
Work collected in Austria, West Germany, U.S.A., and G.B.
Art Mentor for PGCE Trainee Teachers in Art, Homerton College, Cambridge University.
Gainsborough's House Print Workshop Committee Member

*Colchester Art Society, Minories 70s/80s until '00 (mixed).
*'Artists in Essex' 80s/90s Bi-annually up to '00.
*'Essex open' Annually since 1989.

"Mondrians Elephant II" - Acrylic on Canvas 61 x 61 cms

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