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2009 Exhibitions

Winter 2009 - A Mixed Exhibition
Spring 2009 - "Look Again" Mixed Exhibition

Sculpture 2009 - ‘Look Again’ Mixed Exhibition - 18th April to 10th May 2009

Also featuring A Collector’s Sale: paintings by artists from the Benton End School of Paintings and Drawings which ran 1940-1982.

Paul Rumsey - 16th May to 7th June 2009

An exhibition of his work to accompany the book: The Fantastical Feats of Finn MacCoul retold by Norah Montgomerie illustrated by Paul Rumsey.

Also Mary Griffiths: Procession and Other Works – oils and drawings
and Terry Curling: Secrets of the Orchidaceae – oils

Summer Mixed Exhibition - 13th June to 2nd August 2009

Featured artist Olwen Jones RAS, RWS, RE
Sargy Mann, Frances Mann, Graham Giles, Julie Giles - 15th August to 6th September, 2009

Promoting book "Sargy Mann - Probably the Best Blind Painter in Peckham"
by Sargy Mann and Peter Mann
William Bowyer RA - 12th September to 4th October 2009
Tessa Newcomb & Joan Elliott Bates - 17th October to 8th November 2009
An Exhibition to celebrate the publication of the book on Tessa Newcomb
‘Pristine Perceptions’ by Philip Vann
Władysław Mirecki - 14th November to 6th December 2009
‘On My Doorstep’ 40 watercolours
Christmas Mixed Exhibition - 12th December to 24th December 2009
‘Season's Greetings from Edna and Waj Mirecki’


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