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A Mixed Exhibition

Private View Saturday 17th January 2009 noon - 5.00pm
Wine served - All Works for Sale
Exibition Finishes --

Where enquiries of prices are made on the gallery, the work is subject to availability and the price to change.

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Reversible Head by Paul Rumsey, Etching

Lizzie graphite 55 x 44cm by Mary Griffiths


January 2009 NEW YEAR EXHIBITION: ‘Look Again’ includes artists in last year’s programme who you may have missed.
Opening Saturday 17th January noon to 5pm
Come and join us for a glass of wine

Click artist name below to see their previous Exhibitions:

John Addyman (1929-2006)
John Atkin
Roderic Barrett(1920-2000)
Richard Bawden
Mark Bennett
William Bowyer
Emma Cameron
Tom Deakins
Dale Devereux Barker
Mary Griffiths
Eveline Hastings
David Hazelwood (1932-1994)
James Horton
Diana Howard
Peter Kelly
John Kiki
Dick Lee
John Maddison
Sargy Mann
Władysław Mirecki
Glyn Morgan
Colin Moss(1914-2005)
Tessa Newcomb
David Ord Kerr
Roland Piche
Celia Pike
Ronald Ronaldson
Paul Rumsey
Richard Scott
Julia Sorrell
Richard Sorrell
Tessa Spencer Pryse
Bruer Tidman
Delia Tourney-Godfrey
Robin Warnes

2008: PHEW!
Having come to the end of the most extraordinary year in modern financial history it has induced us to reorganise for the year ahead and think back over the last 22 years.

Starting the gallery in 1986, our intention to provide a stable commercial venue for artists in the East Anglian region has stayed with us throughout. Very soon, we set up an intense programme of changing monthly exhibitions growing into a series of over 200 solo shows.

Now, we have decided to shift the emphasis. As well as new artists, with our history of artist contacts we will fill the gallery with a mix of works small and large in changing exhibitions with occasional solo exhibitions, of which you will be kept informed. As co- proprietor of Chappel Galleries, Władysław (Waj) Mirecki will have a permanent display.



The Astrologers etching.
13cms x 16.5.

After much badgering from many fans Paul Rumsey has produced, for the first time, a set of etchings (images from his large charcoal drawings)
Set of seven etchings £770
Each 13 x 16.5 cms Edition of 75

With thirteen exhibitions in the year, January saw Eveline Hastings’s East Coast scenes drawn on the spot; the understated ‘englishness’ of her pastels charming everybody. Waj Mirecki hung recent works including “Early Autumn, Chappel Viaduct” (125x150cms!), exhibited in the Lynn Painter-Stainers Exhibition, London 2007.

In the Spring we exhibited the highly figurative works by Richard Sorrell, President of the Royal Watercolour Society. Including some of his largest paintings, the work depicts life on an upbeat and exuberant level both in colour and subject – great!

June’s exhibition Ronald Ronaldson in his 90th year beat the credit crunch into total submission. People jostled into the gallery clutching the small book we published, anxious to have first choice. It was a triumph!

The year was marked by the large exhibition of Roderic Barrett’s oils, prints and drawings at Cartwright Hall, Bradford: 26th July to 7th December. Their curator Sonja Kielty saw the book we published in 2003: Roderic Barrett (1920-2000) by David Buckman and invited us to show the work which was collected from around England, deposited at Chappel Galleries and transported up to Bradford, middle of July. The show was beautifully hung by the acting curator, Patrice Goergen and David Buckman was invited to give a talk at the private view on the 15th August.

The heavy atmosphere of extraordinary revelations in world economics with which we were daily bombarded during autumn was considerably lightened by our three splendid consecutive shows: Julia Sorrell, Diana Howard and Tessa Spencer Pryse. They are represented in this January 09 exhibition and well deserve a second look in calmer times.

For our main exhibition in December we were very pleased to invite for the second time Small Paintings Group which was just right for the Christmas Season. Ninety five small paintings from thirty four member artists made a tantalizing show.

Celia Pike: ‘Simply Cats’, running concurrently with the Small Paintings Group, proved irresistible to cat lovers. Featured in two ‘Bridget Jones Diary’ films Celia’s exquisite cat portraits made a strong show for our Art in the Front Room.

John Atkin, sculptor (solo show CG 2004) chosen from over two thousand entrants for his sculpture ‘Strange Meeting’ 11.5ft x 11.5ft, placed outside Beijing’s Olympic Stadium 2008.

Mary Griffiths was selected for the ‘Welsh Artist of the Year’ 2008: a painting of “Eddy”.

Waj Mirecki was nominated as one of five prize winners in the Lynn Painter-Stainers Exhibition, London 2008 for his painting ‘The Culvert’. November 2009 Władysław Mirecki Exhibition at Chappel Galleries

Tessa Newcomb: book “Pristine Perceptions” by Philip Vann with coinciding exhibition - Spring 2009 – all dates to be confirmed.

Bruer Tidman and John Kiki respectively were invited to hold large solo shows in Norwich Castle Museum, Autumn 2008, the Museum having recently purchased a large painting from John. Tidman and Kiki are previous exhibitors at CG, i.e. 2006 with Colin Self in a terrific exhibition ‘The Yarmouth Connection’.

Sales: Roderic Barrett: with the work back from Bradford, we once again hold stock for sale of oils and prints. The painting ‘Everyday Dance’ has come out of a private collection and is now for sale. A major work painted 1973-77 – see CG web site: Cartwright Hall – it has not been exhibited since in was purchased in the ‘70’s

‘Strange Meeting’ by John Atkin: maquette (granite and marble 86x61cms) here for the 17th January 09.

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