Mark Goldsworthy

The Lenthening Day

Opening Day Saturday 3rd February noon to 5pm
Exhibition continues to 25th February, 2024 5pm

Wednesday to Sunday 10am to 5pm or by appointment

Sizes quoted are of artworks by height x width x depth in cm. Where enquiries of prices are made on the gallery, the work is subject to availability and the price to change. ALL WORKS FOR SALE

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Mark Goldsworthy
Apple Blossom
Oil on canvas
61 x 86cm
Mark Goldsworthy
Apple Blossom II
Oil on canvas
61 x 76cm
Mark Goldsworthy
Apple Tree
Oil on canvas
71 x 76cm
Mark Goldsworthy
Arab Stallion
Oil on board
25 x 30cm
Mark Goldsworthy
Autumn Frost
Oil on canvas
30 x 46cm
Mark Goldsworthy
Oil on canvas
50 x 71cm
Mark Goldsworthy
Blustery Day
Oil on canvas
60 x 122cm
Mark Goldsworthy
Oil on canvas
50 x 60cm
Mark Goldsworthy
Oil on board
40 x 61cm
Mark Goldsworthy
Grazing Cob
Oil on board
26 x 35cm
Mark Goldsworthy
Lengthening Shadows
Oil on board
42 x 60cm
Mark Goldsworthy
My Favourite Oak
Oil on canvas
25 x 30cm
Mark Goldsworthy
Rolling Suffolk
Oil on board
23 x 29cm
Mark Goldsworthy
Sea of Daisies
Oil on canvas
86 x 122cm
Mark Goldsworthy
Sunlight and Roses
Oil on canvas
91 x 121
Mark Goldsworthy
The Orchard
Oil on canvas
45 x 71cm
Mark Goldsworthy
Two Companions
Oil on canvas
35 x 61cm
Mark Goldsworthy
Welsh Pony
Oil on linen on board
25 x 41cm
Mark Goldsworthy
Wildflower Meadow
Oil on board
25 x 30cm
Mark Goldsworthy
Winter Days
Oil on board
20 x 27cm

Mark Goldsworthy

Born 30.09.1962

1974-81 Educated at Wymondham College, Norfolk

1981-82 Foundation course at Great Yarmouth College of Art & Design

1982 Worked as deckhand aboard 130 foot sailing barque

1983 Worked as cellarman

1983-86 BA (Hons) Fine Art. Manchester Polytechnic

1986 Three month tour of European Galleries

1987-91 Leased and managed group studios, St. Mary's works, Norwich

1988-89 Taught weekly life drawing class from studio

1989-90 Itinerant artist in South Africa

1991 Visit to the USA and New York galleries Birth of daughter Holly

1992 Completed first hand made book of linocuts - Siddhartha

1994 Painting stage set for The Rolling Stones World Tour

1996 Moved to new studio

1998 Formed the Broad Street Guild. A workshop of your craftsmen

2001 Married Jan, Art Therapist

2003 Birth of daughter Amber

2010 Moved to current studio

"The last few years has been a search for a simplified form and purity of expression of the human spirit"


20th April 1990 "Arts Review" Ray Ruston

29th May 1992 "The Guardian" Angella Johnson

July/August 1992 "Images" Editorial

April 1993 The Guardian Art for sale

The catalogue of British Art today January 2000 "Woodcarving Magazine News"

July 2001 "Craftsman Magazine"


1993 15 foot sculpture 'Every seed is the future' Holt Country Park

1994 Sculpture 'Yes No Why Because' Holt Country Park, Norfolk

1995 Sculpture 'Sent from Heaven' The Front Row Arts Programme, Anglia TV

1999 Sculpture for North Walsham Town Council

2000 Sculpture 'Saint Martin's Day' ,CNS school, Norwich

2000 Sculpture 'Saint Felix', Sandringham Estate, Norfolk

2000 Sculpture 'River Story' Waveney District Council, Homersfield

2000 Sculpture St Augustine's Healthy Living Centre, King's Lynn

2001-2002 40 foot carved footbridge Highgate school, Kings Lynn

2002 Sculpture 'Mum, bags brook ' South Norfolk District Council

2002 Sculpture 'Bear and Raven' Sandringham Estate, Norfolk

2002 Sculpture 'Day Out' Whitlingham lane Country Park, Norfolk

2008 Sculpture 'St George', St Georges park, Great Yarmouth

2009-2011 Sculpture 'Family Walk' The Walks, King's Lynn

2019 Street scenes in Vienna (pastels)


1991 Artist in Residence, King's Lynn Arts Centre, Norfolk

1993 Artist in Residence, Holt Country Park, Norfolk

1994 Artist in Residence, Ickworth House, Suffolk

1994 Artist in Residence, Holt Country Park, Norfolk

2016 Residence with Gaspare de Brescia, San Pantaleo, Sardinia


1985 Whitworth Young Contemporaries, Manchester

1988 Print Show, Contact Gallery, Norwich

1989 Galleries Gay, Dinard, France

1989 One man Show, The Assembly Rooms, Norwich

1990 Summer Exhibition, Advice Arcade, Norwich

1990 Drawings for All, Gainsborough's House, Sudbury,

1990 Centre d'Art Contemporaire, Rouen; France

1990 One man show, Chappel galleries, Essex

1990 Printworks, Colchester, Essex

1990 Knapp gallery, London

1990 The gallery, Norfolk Institute of Art and Design

1990 The Pastel Society, Mall Galleries, London

1990 Galerie IV Gay, Dinard, France

1990 Gallery 45, Norwich

1991 Laing Art Competition, Ipswich

1991 One man show, Contact Gallery, Norwich

1991 One man show, King of Hearts, Norwich

1991 Bankside Open Print Competition, London

1991 One man show, L'Orangerie, Valenciennes, France

1991 Artist in Residence, The Circus Project, King's Lynn

1992 Wilde Contemporary Art, Mall Galleries, London

1992 One man show, The Old Workshop Gallery, Corpusty, Norfolk

1992 Chappel Gallery, Essex

1992 Splinter Gallery,London

1992 Wilde Contemporary Art, South Audley Street Gallery, London

1992 Fith Avenue, Johannesburg, South Africa

1993 Wilde Contemporary Art, The Hyde Park Gallery, London

1993 Laing Art Competition, Bury St Edmunds & Mall Galleries

1993 One man show, The Old Workshop Gallery, Corpusty, Norfolk

1993 Art for Sale, Bayswater, London

1993 Gallery 12B, Norway

1993 Hall Gallery,

1993 Wilde Contemporary Art, Wasserturm, Vienna, Austria

1993 Artist in Residence,Holt Country Park

1994 One man show, Chappel Gallery, Essex

1994 Wilde Contemporary Art, Mall Galleries, London

1994 Paul Fowler Studio, Yaohan Plaza, London

1994 Open Drawing Competition, Cheltenham

1994 Norfolk and Norwich Arts Festival, Norfolk

1994 Unicorn Pictures, London

1994 East West Gallery, London

1994 Artist in Residence, Ickworth House, Suffolk

1994 Artist in Residence, Holt Country Park

1997 Edith Grove Gallery, London

1997 Sculpture Trail, Bergh Apton, Norfolk

1997 John Innes Institute,Norwich

1997 Utraque Lungo, Vienna, Austria

1997 Art Connoisseur Gallery, London

1998 Working on Commissions

1999 New York Art Fair,

1999 Bergh Apton Sculpture Trail, Norfolk

2000 Chappel Gallery, Essex

2001 Working on Commissions

2002 Working on Commissions

2003 Light and Space, Salthouse, Norfolk

2003 One man show, Chappel Gallery, Essex

2004 Working on Commissions

2005 Working on Commissions

2006 Working on Commissions

2007 Working on Commissions

2008 Bergh Apton Sculpture Trail, Norfolk

2009 The Rooms Gallery, Llandeilo, Wales

2010 Working on Commissions

2011 Working on Commissions

2012 Working on Commissions

2013 The Walled Garden, Loddon, Norfolk

2013 Taith Contemporary Art, Wittgenstein Haus, Vienna

2013 Snape Maltings, Suffolk

2013 Peter Pears Gallery, Aldeburgh

2014 Working on Commissions

2015 Marks Hall, Coggeshall, Essex

2015 The Walled Garden, Loddon, Norfolk

2015 The Chapel, Norwich 2016 Doddington Hall, Lincolnshire

2017 One man show, Chappel Gallery, Essex

2017 Marks Hall, Coggeshall, Essex

2018 Orange Moon, Vienna, Austria

2019 Anteros, Norwich. Solo show

2019 Orange Moon, Vienna, Austria. Two man show

2019 Raveningham sculpture trail, Norfolk

2021 Beaulieu Sculpture trail, Hampshire

2021 Taith gallery, Vienna, Austria

2021 Waveney and Blyth sculpture trail, Suffolk

2022 Studio Cennen, Llandeilo,Wales

2022 Chappel galleries, Essex. Solo show

2023 Die Blaue Gallery,Vienna

2023 The Ferrini. Pakefield


North Norfolk District Council

North Walsham Town Council

Waveney District Council

South Norfolk District Council

Norwich City Council

CNS school

Sandringham Estate

Bayfield Hall


United Kingdom, France, Germany, Austria, Holland, Italy, Switzerland, USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia