Derek Chambers

Animal Alphabet Etchings A to Z

Saturday 19th October to 10th November, 2019

Wednesday to Sunday 10am to 5pm or by appointment

Where enquiries of prices are made on the gallery, the work is subject to availability and the price to change.

Each 25 x 25cm unframed etching and wood-type editioned to 26
£130 unframed £175 framed

A Armadillo
B Bear
C Coatimund
D Red Deer
E Short Beaked Echidna
F Fox
G Giraffe
H Hare
I Iguana
J Jerboa
K Kudu
L Lion
M Woolly Mammoth
N Numbat
O Otta
P Porcupine
Q Queen Scallop
R Indian Rhinoceros
S Servla
T Leopard Tortoise
U Urchin
V Velvet Monkey
>W Wild Boar
X Xysticus Crab Spider
Y Yellow Necked Mouse
Z Grevy’s Zebra